8 Million Dollar Settlement due to  hospital medcial malpractice resulting in death of child 

1.2 Million Dollar Settlement obtained for patient having to undergo additional surgery due to the negligence of her surgeon 

300,000 Dollar Settlement for a customer injured when he was caused to fall due to slippery conditions on the floor of a supermarket where he was shopping

650,000 Dollar Settlement due to hospital medcial malpractice resulting in partial hearing loss 

3 Million Dollar Settlement due to  hospital medcial malpractice causing injury to infant during birth.

150,000 Dollar Verdict obtained for a patient  due to negligence of her plastic surgeon

1.5 Million Dollar Verdict obtained for passenger injured in motor vehicle collision 

2.5 Million Dollar Verdict obtained on behalf of  employee who was injured at his job site

210,000 Dollar in Workers' Compensation Benefits  obtained for an employee who was injured while using a table saw at work

175,000  Dollar Settlement obtained for 72 year old man injured due to chair collapsing

310,000 Dollar Settlement obtained for a driver  who suffered injuries in a motor vehicle collision 

300,000 Dollar Settlement obtained for student injured on a school bus